Oversight Studies Lead To New Laws

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New laws have been introduced on the proper heating of oil tanks on commercial, privately-owned and residential properties. This came about, in part, through geologic oversight raleigh nc work. As far back as 2015 NC laws concerning the use of home heating oil tanks had been changed. Also, a trust fund established to deal with cleanups had been eliminated. The changes that were promulgated include the following. The property owner was required to attach land use restrictions to his properties. This had to do with the use of residual petroleum on the private property.

This was being done to reach a state of requiring no cleanups of soil negatively affected by leaking heating oil emanating from an underground storage tank. Property owners were no longer to be reimbursed for required cleanup costs. The property owner, nevertheless, still has to abide by laid down laws governing the removal of petroleum from impacted areas with a view towards avoiding any further land use restrictions on the owned properties. Further than that, real estate laws introduced required sellers and their agents to disclose all material facts pertaining to the properties being sold.

Non-disclosure of material facts, no matter when these are detected, of course always lead to legal disputes which have negative financial implications, both directly and indirectly, to all associated parties in the buying, selling and leasing of properties. Full disclosure, on the other hand, always seems to lead to parties making decisions that act in the best interests of all and sundry. The heating oil tank on privately owned land would be a material fact that needs to be disclosed. Finally, be reminded that the cleanup of leaking home heating oil tanks in order to avoid land use restrictions remains a regulatory requirement.