Designing Your Final Farewell

When we die it is on our friends and family to send us off to the world beyond this one.  It is during this time everyone is coping with their own personal loss, grief an uncertainty of how they will go on without you.  This is why making plans and pre planning funeral services bernardsville nj is important so you get what you want and others don’t have the burden or struggle of determining your final goodbye.

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Main wishes

When we die we should make our main wishes known.  The main issue will be what to do with the body.  In modern times we have two options, burial or cremation.  With burial you need to purchase a plot where the casket and your remains will stay.  This is typically done in a cemetery.  The second and more popular and cost effective option is for cremation.  This process involves your ashes to be created from your body.  The ashes are then placed in an urn and sealed.

The Funeral

The funeral is the process where everyone gets together to pay their final respects.  In some cases a wake is held before the actual services where people can view the body and pay their respects.  The funeral itself is where a speaker gives a Eulogy in which they recount the good things that happened in your life and praise you as a person. 

From there is your obituary.  The obituary is where the notification of your death is published in the paper.  This tells people when the funeral is, what to do as far as flowers and donations for the family and more.  The obituary also gives a brief summary of your life and times.

Final word

When it comes to planning your funeral you have the final word.  Letting people know what you want and setting it up yourself will ensure you get it.  It also ensures that the pressure of your final sendoff is not left to those filed with grief.